This course is intended to introduce teachers to the fundamentals of integrating technology into the teaching/learning process. Teachers will be exposed to web based applications and other media and communication technologies that can enhance productivity and efficiency in course delivery and evaluation.

Audio Video Production is a foundational course for learners who are interested in A/V (audio/visual) production occupations. It meshes the two skills of Audio and Video to help individuals produce work of exceptional quality for education as well as wider consumption. In this course the learner will be able to manage production, from the initial stages to the conclusion, making use of audio-visual production methods and procedures. The learner will demonstrate effective use of production hardware and software and apply a digital non-linear editing system to develop and publish their product in an appropriate format for distribution. At the end of this course, learners will be able to: 1. Plan an audio-visual production. 2. Use appropriate software to complete pre-production activities 3. Engage in production activities. 4. Shoot material for educational videos. 5. Employ the appropriate steps for video editing 6. Publish an audio-visual product in appropriate distribution formats.



  1. Define Open Education Resources (OER) as it relates to your context.
  2. Discuss the value of OERs in supporting resilience in education in the OECS context.
  3. Apply principles of OER in the development, repurposing and distribution of digital education content.
  4. Use different licensing frameworks in the application of OERs in your contexts.
  5. Apply effective strategies for searching digital education content.
  6. Employ knowledge of instructional design to evaluate digital education resources.
  7. Design digital content to meet learner needs, learning styles and intelligences.
  8. Develop a clear framework for adoption of OERs in your contexts.
  9. Implement OERs in their educational context
  10. Report on impact of OERs in their educational context